What is Balancing Bravely?

Balancing Bravely is an online resource for working moms who feel overwhelmed.  It is for intelligent, interesting, educated women who feel bogged down by trying to get it all done. It is for women who want to have a successful career and enjoy quality time with their families. 

Balancing Bravely is for women who don’t just want to survive work and life, but want to thrive

It is for women who come home after a stressful day at work, make dinner, play games, pack lunches, give baths, do bedtime routines, only to get a few minutes to themselves before they collapse in exhaustion. It is for women who know they want their lives to be better. It is for women who want to love their jobs and love their family time.

Balancing Bravely is about learning to try things that are outside of your comfort zone, and picking yourself up when they don’t work. It’s about aspiring for greatness, and persevering through the challenges.

It’s about learning to love and accept yourself – your incredible strengths, and the challenges that come with them.

How will Balancing Bravely help me have better work-life balance?

In this blog you will find honest, authentic posts about the highs and lows of balancing career ambitions and family life. I will share tips and tricks on:

Whenever possible, I will make sure all tips and recommendations are backed by actual evidence. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of the research, but I love looking to the evidence, rather than just popular opinion to understand how the world works.

What if you are thinking – “that sounds great, I would love more balance, but I have NO time for anything right now”?

I hear you. It’s hard for me to say if I was busier when I was a manager to a team of 20 people with one kid at home (commuting 2 hours a day) or when I had two kids and was running my own business. There is a lot of to do and it is HARD. I totally get it.

But, I know that when you start enjoying your life more, it gets easier.

If you don’t wake up everyone morning thinking, “yes, this is the life I want to be living”, then it can be better than this.

I know that when you feel like you have absolutely NO time, it means that life is not awesome right now. You can be so much happier, so much more fulfilled, so much more balanced.

So let’s get started!


 Can't find time for your kids, your work, your spouse, or yourself? 

You don't need to live like this - you can have so much more balance.


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