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What is Balancing Bravely?

Balancing Bravely is an online resource for working moms who feel overwhelmed.  It is for intelligent, interesting, educated women who feel bogged down by trying to get it all done. It is for women who want to have a successful career and enjoy quality time with their families. Balancing Bravely is for women who don’t just want to survive work and life, but want to thrive

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We, Julia & Beth, the founders of Balancing Bravely are women in our mid-thirties. We are both mothers of 2 children. We are both wives. We are both highly educated (with a PhD and a Master’s). We are driven and have careers we enjoy.

But life threw us both a wrench.

Julia discovered she was massively underpaid. The researcher in her started reading everything she could about women, careers, finances, and family. Her conclusion – to live more intentionally, to bravely balance career ambitions and quality family time.

Beth burnt out trying to do it all - supporting her clients (she’s a psychotherapist), raising her two kids, and caring for her aging parents.

We know we are not the only ones struggling with work-life balance, so we hope to share what we are learning along the way to inspire others to create a life that reflects your work-life values.

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