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What all working moms need to know about letting passion guide your career (and work-life balance)

Working moms need to be intentional in creating the life you want and the work-life balance that makes you happy. As we navigate work-life balance, it's easy for working moms to get caught up in joys and challenges of raising a family and continue with the status quo at work. Working moms are socialized to focus on the wants and needs of those around us - children, spouses, parents, siblings, employees, bosses... But how can you let passion guide your career and your work-life balance?

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All working moms could improve their work and family life by following the 8 Wolfpack rules (#6 is transforming my life)

Working moms can feel isolated and alone. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. What if working moms were empowered to take back their own power - to unleash their strengths and gifts? What if you could let your competitive spirit soar? Working moms need a Wolfpack so we can empower and support the amazing women in our lives

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