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Why women don’t support each other and how you can support the amazing women in your life

If women want to have successful careers, balance work and family, and love being working moms, women need to be better at supporting other women. Unfortunately we are not great at empowering the women in our lives. We push each other down instead of raising each other up. How can you change that? How can women better support other women?

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What do you lie about? This is what those lies say about your work-life balance

I came across one called “what do you lie about?”.  It intrigued me. I think of myself as a pretty honest person, someone who tells the truth and is authentic with others and myself. I wondered – what do I lie about? As I listened, I immediately realized that what we lie about is a HUGE clue about how your life and values don’t align. Living your values is essential for feeling work-life balance, but understanding your true values is hard, REALLY hard.

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