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9 Lessons From Running That Result in Better Balance as a Working Mom

Working moms are always in a rush. We are constantly on the go and many of us feel constantly behind. But life is a marathon, not a sprint. To create a life we love, to have a work-life balance that makes us happy, we need to slow down and see the bigger picture. What are the lessons we can learn from running to remind us to think of our life as a marathon not a sprint.

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7 tips to navigate your career changes

If you are at a career crossroads it can feel overwhelming. You might feel excited, but also scared and daunted by all the possibilities or the lack of possibilities. I’m there. I found out my colleague at work (a woman with virtually the same job) makes 47% more money than me, I’ve quit my job, I’ve started my own company. I’m not going to lie though and say it’s easy. It’s hard to make a big life change. It’s hard to venture into the unknown. It’s hard to make life-changing decisions, even if you know it’s for the best.

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