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Unleash your creative problem solving to improve you work-life balance

Do you feel like all you do is problem solve? You are carrying this huge mental load that you just can’t release? What if you could approach problem solving in a totally new way to improve your work-life balance? First principle thinking is a great way to come up with amazing solutions to regular working mom problems - like creating a great schedule.

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The science behind of how to make and break habits

Everyone seems to want to change their habits these days – hoping and believing it will lead us to be faster, more efficient, more productive, more intelligent. Most importantly the more habits you create the less mental energy you need to spend – improving your mental load and work-life balance. But what does the science of behavior change really tell us about how to make and break habits?

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6 surprising ways women jeopardize their careers

Despite having great career ambitions, so many of us do thing that hold us back. I was at dinner with a colleague, a successful professor (and working mother) at a university and a researcher at a large hospital. She is being pursued for a new more senior position, but had a list of excuses about why she shouldn’t even attend an informational interview with them. As she spoke, I could see myself in so many of her excuses…

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