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How to transform your jealousy and turn it into inspiration and motivation to create your best life

We know we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We know this isn’t helpful and makes us feel worse. But what if that jealousy is telling you something? What if you could turn your jealousy into inspiration and motivation? What if you could harness it to overcome your fears?

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3 Steps to shed your armor and live an authentic life

I carry around so much armor. You would never know (or I think you would never know because I have a smile on my face and positivity in what I say), but I have built up shields of armor I carry everywhere. Slowly I’ve been stripping them away. The past few weeks felt intense and draining. But today it feels like it’s all coming together. Today, it feels like I left my armor at home and it was surprisingly amazing. 

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How I transformed my fear, quit my job and started my own company

After almost 7 years in the same role, I'm about to quit my job. A couple of months ago, I found out that I was paid 47% less money than my colleague with the same job. I don't have a new job lined up, instead I'm starting my own company. I'm excited, really excited. If you get me talking about what I want to do, I am so passionate.

But I'm also scared.

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