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Working moms can’t have it all – but they can have this instead

So many women today were raised believing that one day we could have it all, that we could do it all. But what is that isn’t really true? What is working moms can’t have it all? What do we do instead? Can we still find happiness? Live a balanced and fulfilled life? Here are 8 reasons we can’t have it all (backed by science) and 6 things you can do to improve your work-life balance.

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3 fascinating tips and research to empower working moms to have better work-life balance

Most of the dialogue around work-life balance focuses on things that are out of your control (workplace policies, support work environments, who you marry, a great support system). Emphasizing these aspects of work-life balance is essential in the long-term, but does not provide answers for working moms who feel overworked, overtired, and overwhelmed. How can we empower you, working mothers who are striving to make a good life for yourselves and your families?

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When you are a working mom and your child gets sick

The dreaded call comes in – it’s daycare, my son is sick. I get off the phone and feel panicky. I open my calendar. There is no way I can leave today, I have 2 important client meetings and my monthly meeting with my boss. It feels like my boys are never sick when I have a contingency plan, but when I don't expect it - that's when it happens. That's why it's so important to have a plan.

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