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Working moms can’t have it all – but they can have this instead

So many women today were raised believing that one day we could have it all, that we could do it all. But what is that isn’t really true? What is working moms can’t have it all? What do we do instead? Can we still find happiness? Live a balanced and fulfilled life? Here are 8 reasons we can’t have it all (backed by science) and 6 things you can do to improve your work-life balance.

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Do you celebrate your accomplishments? 8 ways to empower women to celebrate successes

Women and working mothers are not always great at celebrating their success. I’m not good at celebrating my accomplishments - actually I’m blatantly bad at it. Why do you need to celebrate your success? How can you celebrate your success in an authentic and non-boastful way? These 8 ways to celebrate success focus on bringing success back to your values.

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This is way more important than New Year's Resolutions

Did you know that 92% of people don’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions? You don’t want to be one of them! Great news, the research is clear and tells you exactly what you need to do. It’s important to have goals – big aspirations. But that’s not enough, to achieve those goals you need to change your habits. If you can create daily habits that help you reach your goals you are on a clear path to success.

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