To busy moms, you are a silent superhero – the kind that everyone benefits from but no one realizes is even there

To busy moms, you are a silent superhero

Dear busy moms,

You are a silent superhero – the kind that everyone benefits from but no one realizes is even there.

You are a silent superhero. The kind of superhero that finds solutions, prevents problems, helps everything run smoothly, and does all of these things without others recognizing or even noticing.

You have different kinds of superhero powers – they make you almost invisible - but they are still there. You are just a silent superhero - the kind that might go unnoticed, the unsung hero. 

But the things you do are instrumental. They change the lives of those around you. You are a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a confidante, a colleague, a stranger. 

They may not comment at how amazing you are, but that doesn’t take away from everything you do.

The middle of the night feedings.

The early morning cuddles.

Packing lunches.

Finding your kids clean clothes.

Getting everyone dressed and out the door. 

Being brilliant at your job.

Switching off work mode and turning on mom mode.

Making dinners.

Cleaning up. 

Tidying up.

Cleaning up some more.

Doing laundry.

More tidying up.

And more laundry.

Taking care of sick kids.

Planning beautiful birthday parties.

Scheduling playdates.

Organizing schedules.

Keeping it all in your brain.

Being the one your kids turn to when they are sad.

And getting the brunt of it when they are mad.

You are a silent superhero. And on those superhero days, remind yourself of that over and over.


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    Today, I needed to remind myself that I am also a silent superhero.

    I was up at 5:30 with Michael, my 18 month old. I got everyone fed and ready before I left to teach a full-day workshop. At lunch, I got a message - daycare called, Matthew was fussy and had a fever. I couldn’t leave work and they let me pick him up at the end of the day. I kept teaching. The workshop went really well - I was super prepared and professionals who were originally resistant bought in to the idea and approach. I felt “work” awesome!

    After the workshop I picked Michael up and went straight to the doctor. We waited an hour - a challenging hour while he was sick, tired, and hungry. Another ear infection - his fifth in 6 months. We got antibiotics and went to get his brother. I’m tired. My feet hurt. I’ve come straight from my workshop, so I’m wearing my highest heels and in my best suit. It’s now covered in boogers.

    My husband works late today. We finally get home 1.5 hours later than normal, even though I finished work 2 hours early. I make peanut butter and jam for dinner. I’m less patient than I would like. But I get them to bed, do the laundry, tidy the house, and clean the kitchen. As a sit down after my good, but long day, I know that this is a true silent superhero day. No one knows what I did, how I kept it together, how much I accomplished. But I know that I did my best. And it was hard. And I am a silent superhero. A tired, silent superhero. 

    I know you are a silent superhero too.


    To all of the superhero moms