Inspiration to be your best self

Inspiration to be the best mom, wife, career woman

When you wake up in the morning, do you know what excites you and inspires you to be your best self?

As I started working on Balancing Bravely, a girlfriend recommended I read Find your Why by Simon Sinek. I started by watching his Ted Talk and immediately got the connection to Balancing Bravely and got his book.

He presents his ideas to a business audience, but I think they can apply to you as a woman. Essentially he describes how people and organization have 3 layers:

  • WHY - the reason you do what you do

  • HOW - the way you do it

  • WHAT - the thing you do (or sell if you are a business)

Even when people try to find their “WHY”, they often revert back to focusing on “HOW” they do things or on “WHAT” they do. But how you do something isn’t the part that inspires you. Why are you a parent? Why do you work?

Once you figure out your why, it’s also so much easier to see how the different things you do in life contribute to that why.

How to find your why and your life purpose for working mom inspiration

Leading your best life

My WHY is about helping people live the best version of their life. That’s why I have the job that I have, it guides how I interact with my kids, and it’s why I started Balancing Bravely. I didn’t see it at the time, but looking back at the things I have loved, the things that inspired me, they were always about helping people push themselves to lead their best life.

For years I worked at a camp for children in foster care. It was hard and emotionally challenging, but I looked forward to those weeks more than anything – I helped kids see and experience their best qualities.

In graduate school, I worked with communities to help them implement evidence-based programs to improve the lives of children and teens. I wasn’t on the front lines, but I was a piece of the puzzle. In my job now, I work with organizations to help them use research to change the way they care for patients.

I started Balancing Bravely because I saw all of these strong, intelligent women around me, struggling with finding balance in their lives. After doing so much of my own research to improve my life, I thought, “wow, we could all be so much happier and more balanced”.

WHAT I do and HOW I do it vary in each of those situations, but my WHY stays the same.

What is your WHY?



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